Cyp3 3 how to safeguard the well

Economic wellbeing- not being prevented by economic disadvantage from achieving their full potential in life. Protective factors Child P has a good relationship with most staff. Child P talked at length about her being racist and that she wanted to change but it may take some time.

All staff has been trained to safe guard young people and be aware of signs of a child or young person at risk of suffering significant harm. She also said her sister had done a lot of things which she got blamed for she said she liked her sister but yet at the same time she also did not like her sister.

Refer to question 5. It is also importance to value children and young people as an individual.

12 Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young People in the Secure Estate

If it is one of the days the team psychologist is available advice and guidance should be sought from them. Where there are concerns about the welfare of siblings or other children the procedures must be followed. Children and young people are likely to be equally or more advanced internet users than their parents.

The idea behind the Act is to promote co-ordination between multiple official entities to improve the overall well-being of children.

Monitoring and review - how do you know if what has been decided is working, or is thorough enough. Cyber bullying can be described as any form of bullying that incorporates the use of technology. When a child dies or is seriously harmed and abuse or neglect is known or suspected, the first priority must be to consider immediately whether there are other children who are likely to be placed in the same situation.

How do the findings reform practice. Physical bullying is most prevalent in academic institutions. Within the home we aim proactively to safeguard and promote the welfare of young people to reduce any significant harm to young people.


If it's easier to catch early, such as loss of management support or loss of a key resource, then it's lower risk. Sharp items should be used to a minimum.


Risk assessments should be undertaken for all activities and measures put in place to minimise or control risks, Comply with the health and safety policy and fully observe the safety procedures. Risk Management is a key concept in health and safety to ensure control is focused on measures of greatest unacceptable risk.

In addition, please be prepare for developmental feedback from your assessor. Parents or carers who fail to protect or care for the children they are looking after could then be taken to court and the child may be then removed from the home and placed into care.

Despite this, the schools and youth groups within Surrey LEA continue to offer a wide range of opportunities for young people.

Young people file and all information is kept in the office under locked cupboards, the computer is under password protected and the office is locked at all-time not in use.

Understand How to Safeguard the Wellbeing of Children and Young People Essay - Part 3

Safeguarding policy- the nursery and all practitioners who work within it has a duty to be aware that abuse does occur in our society.

Under health and safety law, the primary responsibility for this is down to employers. Page 11 of 25 hazard. This makes them vulnerable to exploitation, trafficking, child labour or early marriage, and other forms of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, often within their own home. These different needs depend on their age and abilities.

However, it is vital that providers have an understanding of the relevant health and safety legislation and the legal requirements that underpin the EYFS. Give examples of current abuse in National head lines Reasons for enquiries and Serious Case Review When a child dies and there is suspected abuse, then a serious case review SCR is undertaken to investigate in detail what exactly happened and why.

For example, scope creep is a typical problem on most projects. Office phone should be used to make work related phone calls. According to the Data Protection Actall personal data must be protected by following the rules below: The young person will need to see a Duty Psychiatrist and can be admitted if necessary.

I cannot stress it enough, please just ask if you're unsure I am here to help. The White House Date of Assessment: To produce new legislations or amendments to older legislations. Bullying can be described as an unwanted aggressive behavior towards an individual that involves a power imbalance, whether real or perceived.

CYP Core 3 Understand how to safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people Essay

Sharp items will be kept to a minimum. CYP Core Understand how to safeguard the well-being of children and young people 1.

Understand the main legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding children and young Understand how to Safeguard the well-being of Children and Young People CYP be able to create a simple summary of the key points of current The all the work is finished to a high standard, including colourful diagrams and images.

Then, when they receive the item and it’s not what. If they’ve missed one, this may indicate a possible problem that they are side-stepping or dodging to answer. | eBay! Any information you receive about children/young people el 3 Children and Young People's Workforce Diploma uncorrected first proofs issued by marketing 5/7/ young people and their families.

and the case gives rise to concerns about the way in which local professionals and services worked together to safeguard and promote the welfare of  · Level 3 Diploma for the Children & Young People's Workforce (/04/05) (ENGLAND) Qualification handbook for centres Unit Understand How to Safeguard the Wellbeing of Children and Young People 89 Qualification title and level Level 3 Diploma for the Children & Young People’s Workforce City & Guilds qualification number  · CYP Understand how to safeguard the well-being of children and young people.

Task 3 links to learning outcome 3 Policies and procedures form an important part of work place practice. It is vital to ensure that all staff have a clear understanding of the requirements and responsibilities in relation to the safeguarding of children, young

Cyp3 3 how to safeguard the well
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