How the government should spend money

The government must protect its citizens, since they've delegated in it the use of force and implicitly renounced revenge. But I'm undecided on social care for all elderly people - I know they've been paying into National Insurance all their lives so are entitled to some payback and obviously people who can't pay for it themselves should have it paid and nobody should have to sell a house their partner still lives in to pay for residential care.

The fact that they don't need additional income could be seen as less a punishment but more of a status symbol. Wab February 6th,Should Government Spend or Invest Money. Given that there are still many people living in poverty in some counties, governments should use the money instead to solve pressing problems such as hunger, disease and unemployment.

The school now has such a program.

Here’s a List of Stupid Things the Government Spends Money On

Chris February 8th,6: I'm a Democrat myself Doctors and med students are remembering their ethics http: Republicans tend to say the government spends money, which is presumably bad for the economy, while Democrats tend to say the government invests money, which is presumably good for the economy.

How about the long run. Finally, the population of the world is increasing rapidly and that is why investing more money on faster and dependable transportation system is more logical than investing in the older transportation system.

Yet, arguably, this is the most valuable information that the climate scientists can give people, since it allows preparation.

Should Government Spend or Invest Money?

Was it proven that the children were disadvantaged for the rest of class by this one belief system. Paying farmers not to produce.

Federal Spending: Where Does the Money Go

Might is not right. Chris February 2nd, Wab February 7th,3: Fawkesfan1 February 3rd,8: I'm not sure we'd agree on how to deliver health care stuff, but I do agree with you on national defense.

Importing cheaper drugs from Canada and laws regulating private insurers to prevent them from dropping patients or refusing to pay for procedures are changes I would welcome. The sad fact that such an amendment is required is disgraceful.

Any of which that doesn't assure the quality of American life: And I believe that one of the biggest things dragging the state down is this very issue, costing the tax-payer billions when such illegal immigrants aren't even protected under our own legal system.

Governments Should Spend Money On Improving Public Transportation Many people in the world want their countries to be developed, and they want to have a good quality of life.

Also, they want their countries to have strong potential economy to compete with other nations. As a result, it is necessary for the government to work on improving.

Federal Spending: Where Does the Money Go

The government spends money to put money in the pockets of consumers who in turn spend it. This is what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did during the Great Depression, and it is what Barack Obama did. The government should spend more money on a railway system as it would be better to develop this track than roads.

On the one hand, the advances in rail transportation have driven many factors to. At the same time, the government does invest money all the time, in all kinds of things -- bridges and highways, medical and high-tech research, training and education.

When the federal government spends money on mandatory and discretionary programs, the U.S. Treasury writes a check to pay the program costs.

But there is another type of federal spending that operates a little differently.

Should Government Spend or Invest Money?

Nov 21,  · On the specific “Spend One Dollar Less” argument, it’s worth noting that raw dollar spending is an incomplete way of understanding what the government does.

How the government should spend money
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