The justification of dresdens bombing by the allies during wwii

Therefore, the British leadership was already coldly studying the idea of terror-bombing city centers instead. This thinking was not trumpeted from the rooftops. The report by the 1st Bombardment Division's commander to his commander states that the targeting sequence was the centre of the built up area in Dresden if the weather was clear.

I survived the bombing of Dresden and continue to believe it was a war crime

In this second attack, a mix of munitions was used which had a higher proportion of incendiaries, including deadly phosphorus. It is thought that some 25,—35, civilians died in Dresden in the air attacks, though some estimates are as high asgiven the influx of undocumented refugees that had fled to Dresden from the Eastern Front.

Bombing of Dresden in World War II

Such attacks, Allied command reasoned, would ravage the German economy, break the morale of the German people and force an early surrender. Given the high number of civilian casualties and the relatively few strategic targets, some even called the bombing of Dresden a war crimethough both the British and the American militaries defended the bombing as necessary.

Come in and bomb glow of red target indicators as planned.

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The British government banned attacks on land targets and German warships in port due to the risk of civilian casualties. Around 78, dwellings had been completely destroyed; 27, were uninhabitable, and 64, damaged, but readily repairable. By this point in the war, the Luftwaffe was seriously hampered by a shortage of both pilots and aircraft fuel; the German radar system had also been degraded, lowering the warning time to prepare for air attacks.

I was a prisoner of war held in Dresden.

Bombing of Dresden--and for what?

By the morning, some British bombers had dropped more than 1, tons of high-explosive bombs and more than 1, tons of incendiaries on Dresden, creating a great firestorm that destroyed most of the city and killed numerous civilians.

We ought to think once, twice and three times before destroying the rest. The Foreign Secretary has spoken to me on this subject, and I feel the need for more precise concentration upon military objectives such as oil and communications behind the immediate battle-zone, rather than on mere acts of terror and wanton destruction, however impressive.

Wartime political responses[ edit ] German[ edit ] Development of a German political response to the raid took several turns. I am not a diplomat. Dresden, bombing ofThe Allied firebombing of Dresden, Germany, February 13—15,obliterated most of the city and killed up to 25, civilians.

The next set of aircraft to leave England were twin-engined Mosquito marker planeswhich would identify target areas and drop 1,pound target indicators TIs " [49] that created a red glow for the bombers to aim at.

I can see her to this day and shall never forget it. At the same time the US military denied to the American public that any terror-bombing was taking place, they were supplying the British with the napalm-like phosphorous to burn German civilians alive.

Was the bombing of German cities, ie Dresden, during World War II justified, if not why? And should the US and UK apologise?

Dresden was a civilian town with no military significance. Why did we burn its people?

Was the Allied bombing of Dresden a possible war crime? What happened during the bombing of Dresden in World War II and why?

How expensive were bombs during World War Two? The bombing of Dresden Why was the bombing of Dresden so controversial? The morality of the Allied bombing campaign during. World War II was more than three years old when Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and other Allied leaders met at Casablanca in Januarybut the decisions made there would shape the rest of the war in Europe.

During the conference, Allied leaders settled on a policy of unconditional. When people think of the Allied bombing of Germany, “Dresden” automatically springs to mind, surely not Wesel, Nürnberg or Würzburg or the hundreds of other obliterated German towns and cities.

Apr 11,  · Was Allied bombing of Germany in WW2 justified?

Bombing of Dresden

I am currently reading Moral Combat by Michael Burleigh, a so-called 'moral history' of the Second World War.

Towards the end of the book he discusses the Allied (primarily British) bombing of German cities, which resulted in huge numbers of casualties and wide-scale.

The city was a significant target for the Allied bombing attacks owing to the fact that it was an important port and industrial center and the site of major German shipyards and U-boat pens.

The most severe bombing raid on the city came from a combined force of British and American bombers during the last week of July

The justification of dresdens bombing by the allies during wwii
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